Alebrijes Mexican Bistro, Chile Rellenos

Chile Rellenos

Two chiles poblano pepper battered and stuffed with Oaxaca cheese and your choice of tuna and shrimp.
Alebrijes Mexican Bistro, Cochinita Pipil

Cochinita Pipil

Slow roasted pork wrapped in banana leaves, marinated with Mayan achiote seed, served with red pickled onion, refried black beans and habanero chilies.
Alebrijes Mexican Bistro, Molcajete Mar & Tierra

Molcajete Mar & Tierra

With Arrachera, chorizo, shrimp, queso fresco, nopales and cambray onion grilled slowly and garnished with avocado and roasted jalapenos.
Alebrijes Mexican Bistro, Mole Poblano

Mole Poblano

A culinary symbol of Mexico. The blend of spices, chiles, nuts and chocolate made into a rich and flavorful sauce. Served with chicken, rice and beans
Alebrijes Mexican Bistro, Pozole Traditional

Pozole Traditional

Hominy soup most popular and traditional Mexico, prepared with meat (typically pork or chicken) and garnished with lettuce, onion, radishes, oregano, avocado